If you have weight problems in your waist, legs of hips read this article if you want to know how to solve these issues.

Fat deposits in the area of your armpits

It is not looking nice to wear sleeveless shirts with straps and dresses when you have excess fat in the area of your armpits. This fat is a result of slow function or dysfunctional thyroid grand, and like in other cases, if you want to stop the progression of this fat you need to stop consuming processed foods like soybeans, strawberries, beets, broccoli, cabbage and peaches. It is essential that you replace these processed foods with onions, salmon, seaweed, liver, whole grains, tuna and nuts. And the most crucial part is to somehow prohibit stress and frustration.

Upper arms

In order to improve your condition, because our bodies lack testosterone, you should make love more often and like before mentioned you need to avoid stress and frustration and do arm exercises more often. Reduce consuming processed sugar but never starve. You need to consume avocado, flax seed and salmon.

Hormones are the reason you have fat on your body

Women often have hormonal imbalance and the reason for that is improper diet, lack of physical activity, stress and air pollution. Exercise more often, get enough fresh air in your lungs and avoid junk food.

Hips and buttocks

Alcohol, cigarettes and carbonated drinks boost the estrogen level, and as a result, you have fat in your hips and buttocks. Try to avoid these things and start consuming yoghurt, whole grains fruits and vegetables.


Fat in your waist shows that your body lacks insulin more than enough and to prevent this, it is essential that you consume broccoli, seafood and fish, spice your food with chili and cinnamon, and consume blueberries and cranberries instead of processed sugar snacks. Drink green tea every day and consume whole grain bread which will help you to have under control the level of insulin secretion of your body. Especially avoid soda, alcohol drinks, processed sugar snacks and French fries.