Walking is an essential thing that can help you lose some weight or maintain your current body weight and your form. Walking can help you reduce your body weight without even changing your dietary habits.

A research has shown that women who have made 3.520 steps a day on average (about half an hour of walking daily) have reduced their body weight for two kilograms or more throughout one year, without changing their dietary habits.

Moreover, the level of harmful body fats in their bodies has reduced for twelve percent.

Check out the way you can reduce your body weight only with walking:

  1. number of steps per minutes

1 minute = 118 steps

10 minutes = 1,180 steps

30 minutes = 3,540 steps

60 minutes = 7,080 steps

  1. Number of steps per kilometers

1.6 km = 2,000 steps

4.8 km = 6,000 steps

8 km = 10,000 steps

12.9 km = 16,000 steps

  1. 3. Number of steps per home chore

Floor cleaning = 101 steps

Vacuuming = 94 steps

Gardening = 89 steps

Shopping = 67 steps

With introducing little changes in your everyday life, you can make more steps during one day. Park your car a bit further from the destination you should arrive to, and walk from work to your home whenever you got the time for that.