Every woman in the world desires to have voluptuous breasts which will make them full of confidence and make them proud. Well, they will make you proud while you are young, but as the time passes by and you are getting older your breasts will begin to sag and elongate.

You can do a surgery but it can be dangerous, painful and harmful. You can choose some alternative solutions which are available in the folk medicine which will be very effective for this purpose.

What Causes Sagging Breasts in the First Place?

You probably learned by now that the breasts are essentially sacks of fat, connective tissue and milk-producing glands. Normally, the sagging occurs around the age of 40, usually following pregnancy. The main reason for this is the stretching of the ligaments, which can appear because of extra weight that makes the breasts heavier.

To make it easier for you, imagine your breasts as footballs attached by elastic bands. The bigger the footballs, the bands are stretched more and more which results with losing the ability to snap back into the right place.

The Top Prevention Techniques

How can you solve this problem?

You can avoid gaining weight (which should be done anyway). It will stop the ligaments and connective tissue from stretching and it will also require less elasticity to keep your breasts in the right place.

In fact, this is the reason why women with smaller breasts normally don’t have problems with sagging breasts. Getting saggy? Time to visit the gym.

You can also wear supportive bra, particularly during the pregnancy. In this way your breasts will be safe from stretching.

The diet is also very important. Make sure you consume enough protein, calcium and vitamin C through the food and you will have stronger ligaments which will automatically keep you safe from drooping.

You can implement some weight training. The breasts don’t have muscles, so they are placed on top of the pec muscles on which the ligaments are attached.

Firm the pecs and you will elevate the ‘starting point’ for the muscles. It is a fact that none of the women bodybuilders suffer from sagging breasts.

Breast Exercises

Everything that requires a pushing motion is great exercise for pec muscles. You can do press-up, bench press, chest press and shoulder press.

You can also do some exercises that will improve your posture and pull your shoulders back. It will be helpful for keeping your breasts in place.

You probably already know that you can make an illusion of perkier boobs using the supportive bras or any other original underwear. I hope this tips will change your mind if you already decided to make surgery.