Sleep is important for carrying out all our daily activities normally and the quality of sleep impacts deeply on our physical and mental health. People are gradually moving back to Ayurverdic medicines or herbal treatments for their effectives and lesser hazards than allopathic medicine. One reason why people are using herbal medicines is the fact that herbs strengthen our immune system and prepare the body to fight back against the ailment. Herbal medicine is preferred over allopathic medicines as the latter cannot be used for long-term-treatments as with time the body requires a higher dosage and potency to keep things normal. So it is safer and healthier to stick with herbal treatments.

In ancient times, Romans and Greeks used Velerian or Valeriana Officinalis as a treatment for curing insomnia. It not only helps in sleeping better but is also used as a sedative and for treating various nervous disorders.

It is from the same family of herbs as valerian, slightly better in the sense that Jatamansi is known to strengthen mind and for increasing awareness. Jatamansi herb or Spikenard is more commonly used in India, China and Nepal for treating stress, fatigue and insomnia. This powerful remedy can be used in the form of oil, scent, sedative and many other ailments including asthma, pharyngitis and a colicky stomach. Its effects are similar to those of antidepressants. Since it calms down the body and mind, you can doze off to a comfortable, restful sleep.

This herb is used to calm the mind. It’s soothing and relaxing effect slowly puts you off to a relaxed sleep. Ashwagandha or winter cherry is one of the best herbs to be used for nurturing the mind. If you are suffering from cannot sleep anxiety, Ashwagandha is the right herb for you. It lets you forget your worries and you go into deep sleep even before you know it.

This herb is used to strengthen your antibodies, the immune system of your body. It also fortifies the adrenals. It is also famously used to treat ulcers, hepatitis, epilepsy, asthma, and diarrhea and enhance mental clarity.

Probably the most commonly used and widely known herb for treating insomnia or tensed nerves is Lavender, in all forms. Drink tea made from lavender leaves, get a body massage with warm lavender oil and inhale its soothing scent; this superb herb is magic all the way.

If you are looking for things to help you sleep better, read this article. Various herbs can be used for treating even chronic cases of Insomnia and Jatamansi is one of the most powerful herbs that are known to treat insomnia for ages. This article explains its nature, use and contraindications.