Heartwarming Illustrations Showing The Love Between Dads & Their Little Girls

Heartwarming Illustrations Showing The Love Between Dads & Their Little Girls


Men’s most important goal in life is supporting his family. Sadly, today divorces and separations are common appearance in families around the world. Around 40-50% of marriages in the USA end in divorce.

My parents divorced when I was a kid. I know how hard it is for a kid to get through experience like this. Today I understand that it was a right decision for my parents. It surely took a toll on me when happened, especially during my teenage years, and it still affects my personality today. Anyway, I still have strong bonds with my parents.

The following Illustrations are showing the powerful father-daughter relationships. I’m yet to be a father and these images are revealing the importance of the father-daughter relationships.

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  • hoola hoop – I told her there is no chance this would work…; she said: daddy please! Little bug is still grinning! –
  • stay with me – there are nights when she holds my hand while sleeping, I’ staying, even though my back hurts but I am the happiest person in the world-
  • big moose, little moose – there isn’t more fragile and powerful gift than innocence. It is easy to lose it, but you can never regain it; protect it – especially in your kid’s soul-
  • hm…; nice move!-
  • Baggage overweight – she doesn’t like when I’m leaving for a business trip…; me either…;-
  • Puppet theater is her favorite…;-
  • Tea time daddy – I’m always willing to have a nice cup of tea-
  • My favorite sleeping position – when my daughter comes to sleep with me-
  • An ordinary washing day-
  • I’m always up for a nice afternoon nap-
  • Don’t worry my princess, daddy will keep you safe from the monsters-
  • Looking the world from high perspective-
  • Daddy’s princess – I worship strength only when it manifests through care and tenderness-

Personally, I derived many positive things from these amazing images. They speak to all of us in various ways and in the same time teach us many new things about parenthood.

Let me know your thoughts on these images and share your experiences as a parent in the comment section below.

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