The Yoga Solution For Neck Pain – Monthly Yoga with Abi

This month Abi takes us through a few poses and things to be mindful of if you suffer with tension and pain in your neck.

Abi’s Lessons From Crankworx – Stretching

Abi is back in London after two weeks teaching yoga at Crankworx Whistler, and it turns out we’re all terrible at stretching.

10 Yoga Poses You Can Do in Front Of the TV – Monthly Yoga With Abi

Don’t have the time to do yoga, or find that you’re too tired? This month Abi takes us through poses you can do while watching TV to help aid recovery and remain flexible.

  Dee Tidwell  

MTB Strong: 5 Exercises to Create Strength

This week Coach Dee has created a two-part superset for you that is designed to train your entire body with different planes of stress occurring at all angles just like with riding/racing.

Loosen Up Tight Hips With 3 Types Of Poses – Monthly Yoga With Abi

This month Abi takes us through the basics of hip mobility and recommends some additional poses for your sequences.

Crafting Performance: From Gym to Trail with FMD Racing

MTB fitness coach, Chris Kilmurray talks us through how he trains with the FMD team, taking what they learn in the gym and transferring it to the trails.

Post-Ride Yoga Poses For a Tight IT Band – Monthly Yoga With Abi

Ever suffered with a tight IT Band? This month Abi takes us through stretches to release tension in the iliotibial (IT) band to relieve pain in the hips, knees, and thighs.

Stretches to Relieve a Tight Chest and Stiff Shoulders

This month with Abi, learn how to stretch your chest and internal shoulder rotators and strengthen your external shoulder rotators and the muscles that stabilize your shoulder blades.

Training: Time to Build the Base For Next Season

It’s December and the holiday season is in full swing, and although this is a fun time of year, it’s also time to start thinking about training for the upcoming season. Dee Tidwell takes us through the basics of getting started.

Assess Your Season, Rest and Cross Train

Dee talks us through the importance of rest, and taking the time to mix up training in the off-season.

End of Season Fixes: Part 2 – Shoulder and Thorax Care

This time, Dee dives into four valuable self-therapy techniques to address shoulder, neck and thorax issues.

The Most Effective Style of Yoga to Increase Your Flexibility – Monthly Yoga With Abi

This month Abi takes us through some Yin Yoga stretching techniques. These stretches should help increase flexibility, loosen tight joints, improve your range of motion and has many benefits that will transfer to your riding.

End of Season Fixes: Part 1 – Lower Back Pain and Hip Care

Dee Tidwell is a coach and racer that’s here to walk us through ways that we can help our bodies in the off-season to recover and be ready for the next race season.

Crankworx Whistler 2016: Yoga To Halve Your Recovery Time

Crankworx can be rough on the body – Abi’s here with tips on how to efficiently recover from all those bike park laps.

Why You Need to Crawl Like a Baby to Ride Like a Man (or Woman)

While mountain biking has a lot of positive benefits, one thing it isn’t good for is your core. That’s right, this beautiful sport that we all love is slowly eroding your core function and strength, setting you up for back pain and decreased performance. James is here to help us by getting back to basics.

Warm Up To Ride Your Best

Stop leaving performance in the parking lot! Use this Warm Up to help you ride your best.

How To Release Chronically Tight Hamstrings – Monthly Yoga With Abi

If you ride bikes, then the chances are high that you’ve got tight hamstrings, so learn how to loosen them up to help make your rides better.

How To Climb With Lindsey Voreis – Video

Lindsey Voreis goes over the basics of good climbing technique.

How To Corner With Anneke Beerten and Rachel Throop – Video

Anneke and Rachel took some time out of their race schedule at Sea Otter to take us through good cornering techniques.

A Challenging One-Hour Yoga Flow Class – Monthly Yoga With Abi

This month Abi takes us through a more advanced routine, one designed to stretch every muscle in your body and help you find your flow, in Abi’s words, it’s time for some big boy yoga.

Take Control of Your Mind and Push Your Personal Limits – Monthly Yoga With Abi

This month Abi discusses the importance of training your mind to cope under pressure, and takes us through mental strategies that could help maximise your performance.

Rebuild and Restore: Part two – The Shoulders and Posture

As bikers and racers we are hard on our bodies, so here are some exercises to help rebuild from those beat downs.