Doctors from Arkansas gave efforts and managed to find a solution for a 56 year old man who had troubled health issues and felt weak and pains all over his body.1

They firstly took some laboratory test on his blood samples and discovered that his calcium oxalate levels were high, which is the main cause for kidney problems or kidney stones. This was interesting for them because the man said that he had no history of such issues nor his family.

Furthermore the man told the doctors that on a daily basis he drank almost 4 liters of ice tea. This was more than a reason for them to investigate and concluded that the ice tea has made damage to the kidneys. The only logical explanation is that he just drank too much of it and made him end up on dialysis.

Whats more is that the damage done to the kidneys was not reparable and the man had to deal with dialysis till the end of his life.