To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling beauty boxes lately, especially with the whole Birchbox disappointment (read more here). However, I do think you can pick up some bargains with certain boxes where you can see the contents beforehand, like the M&S seasonal boxes or their advent calender’s.

At first, I thought Latest In Beauty would probably be similar to other beauty subscriptions, like Birchbox and Glossybox. It turns out, however, that they actually offer an interesting take on beauty boxes. So, you can either create your own boxes of 3-9 products (and there’s a lot of luxury brands to choose from, so it would be perfect if you needed travel sizes for on the move), or you can buy collection boxes (see here) which come in a theme.

This is where I picked up the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty box. They also have sales on their collections sometimes, so this was on offer for £28. Now there’s a story here! My payment wasn’t going through on their website and the page just wouldn’t load, so guess what I did? I refreshed, the one thing online shops always tell you not to do if you’re unsure! I didn’t receive an order confirmation, so I decided it was a wise idea to try again, and the same thing happened, so I tried yet again through paypal. I then ended up getting 3 order confirmations 10 minutes later, yeah you know the ones that I didn’t think went through! Sometimes I do act before thinking haha.

I then panicked and contacted them, and I can honestly say they have an amazing customer service department. They got in touch ASAP and told me they’d sort it out. Then they refunded me every payment because apparently the website was glitching (so I effectively got a freebie), and they gave me a 20% off code to use next time. How nice is that?!

Anyway, moving onto the contents of the box. The main reason I wanted the box is because it includes a full sized Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask 100ml. This retails for £25 alone, and I was intending on buying this with Winter coming up anyway, so for £3 more I thought I might as well try some other goodies. The Drink Up Intensive is 100% worth the hype in my opinion, I’ve had my 50ml for quite a while now (see here), and it really does rehydrate and replenish your skin overnight. Even with this roller coaster Summer, I still use it once a week. I haven’t found a budget alternative, and my skin gets on well with this, so this is still one of my go tos.

It also includes the Moroccan Hair Oil Treatment 25ml. Again, this is one of those much coveted hair oils, and so I was keen to give it a go. It is marketed as a lightweight oil which I prefer because I find they nourish your hair better than oils that are too thick and sticky. My first impressions were that it looks a bit thicker than the hair oil I’m currently using when you initially pour it out but when you rub it between your palms, it does go quite lightweight and thin. It smooths into my hair nicely, and I love the sweet musky scent, it’s divine.

One of the products included is the Omorovicza Queen on Hungary Mist 30ml. This is such a hyped product, and one of those that screams luxury with the glass bottle, so again another one I was keen to try. I’m actually building up quite the facial spray collection. This one retails at £15 for the 30ml, which is classed as the travel size but it’s actually bigger than I imagined. I do like the formula of this, it’s not a cooling spray like the Avene one in my opinion. It feels more like a skincare product to me, and I do like the formula. It feels very luxurious and it absorbs into the skin quite quickly, giving it a natural finish. I haven’t tried it on top of a full face yet, so I can’t comment on how it wears over makeup but I wore it over my SPF (although I heard it could be used more like a toner). However, I do need to figure out the best way to use it. The pump of this means the spray comes out in a very fine mist, it’s almost like a cloud so it does kick up a bit. Whereas, my other sprays feel a little harsher compared to this, they’re more point in your face and go! So I need to work on this.

Also included is the Zelens 3t Complex Essential Anti-Aging Cream. Again, another brand I haven’t heard of but the 50ml version retails at a whopping £95. I’ll pass this onto my Mum and see what she thinks.

The nail colour included is the Nailberry Oxygenated Nail Lacquer in Cherry Cherie. I’ve actually not heard of this brand before but the bottle looks quite high end (it actually retails for £14.50!), but you do get a generous 15ml. However, I’m not a big fan of the brush. It’s on the thin side and so the first coat comes up as a bit streaky, and then you need to do a thick second coat to compensate. The shade also comes up very coral at first, and then sort of transitions into the cherry red I was expecting.

A sample size of the Lancome Hypnose mascara (2ml) is also included. To be fair, I already have a lot of mascaras waiting to be used up so I won’t open this just yet, but it’s one of those mascaras which I’ve read tonnes of good reviews on and the sample size looks perfect for popping into a travel bag.

Another cult product, the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance 15ml. It’ll be interesting to see how I get on with this, I haven’t had the chance to use this yet under makeup but I’ll update this post when I do. First impressions though, it’s a whole world away from the silicone/mousse textures I’m used to in my primers. It’s like a lightweight liquid with a pearl tint to it that gave a natural finish when I tried it on the back of my hand, it doesn’t look overly shiny nor is the tint noticeable once on.

Lastly, we have the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I don’t think this ones for me as my hair has enough volume, so I wouldn’t want to add to that. We also have the Tan Luxe The Face Illuminating Drops in Light/Medium 30ml. Again, I have medium skin and I’m not into fake tans anyway, so I’ll give this one a miss.

Overall, there were some really nice goodies included in this box, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more collection boxes from Latest In Beauty as I do think you get your money’s worth (especially if you already had your eye on one or two of the products).

At the moment, they have another Harper’s Bazaar box – the Award Winners Box (which just launched yesterday). It includes a Nars blush, a MAC strobe cream, the Eve Lom Cleanser, 2 Nuxe Dry Oils, the Smashbox photo finish primer and many more. However, I’ll probably give this one a miss as the £100 is a bit eyewatering (the total value of the box is £409!). However, it does include my Mum’s favourite Elemis cream which retails at £50 alone for the 30ml, so I’m not saying never. Click here if you want to have a look at everything included, and see the specific quantities.

P.S. Not sponsored/affiliated but I thought the new box might interest some of you, and I was really impressed with their customer service so I couldn’t not mention them.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have you tried anything from Latest In Beauty, or any similar beauty boxes?

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