Makeup Artist

Scroll through any InstaGirl’s feed, and you’re bound to stumble across a selfie or two with Patrick Ta. As Hollywood’s freshly minted, in-demand makeup artist, he has contoured, strobed, and beautified famous faces from Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner to Hailey Baldwin and Shay Mitchell (a star he now counts as one of his closest friends IRL).

If you’re one of Ta’s 400,000 followers, you know full-on glamour is his ‘thing.’ What you wouldn’t gather from his star-studded gallery is that he got his start just a few years ago by trolling the ‘Gram for makeup tricks between classes as a college student at Arizona State University.

Going for the Glow

“If I want to add a subtle glow but still make it appear very natural, I’ll mix in . Like oil, it sheers down foundation to create a natural finish but gives a hint of illumination. I keep it in my kit at all times because it’s so easy to work with.”


No Filter


Day Glow


Lashing Out

“I love, love, love . Not only is it waterproof, but your lashes hold the curl for hours after application! It’s really great for creating longer, thicker lashes.”