Right before our very eyes, the mirror-framed wrath of descended upon our Instagram feeds, utilizing her status of model of the moment and position as one part of world-famous BFF duo KenGi to transform the way we do athleisure.

You see, Hadid’s style consists of taking something high and pairing it with something low, like an overcoat you’d normally wear to the ballet, except with a pair of workout leggings and some sneakers.

Or, like the pictures ahead will show you, a minimal crêpe de chine coat and a pair of jeans so ripped she might as well just wear shorts. This isn’t a new concept, per se, but Gigi Hadid takes athleisure into a new realm. And to put it simply: we’re here for it. Styling tricks à laHadid are fast, easy, and — trust us on this one — affordable. And if that ain’t enough, there’s always Bella.

gigi hadidVersace, Versace, Versace, Versace.

gigi hadid

Backpacks are life.

gigi hadidYou better watch out. The Gigi is coming for you.

gigi hadidPost-Fenty x Puma, Gigi gives us life with a crop top, easy denim, and some booties to die for.

gigi hadidAlright, you’re seeing it here: Trucker hats circa Britney Spears in the early ’00s are cool again.

gigi hadidBackstage at Diane von Furstenberg’s fall 2016 show, Gigi owns the camera (like usual) in a slip dress to give all other slip dresses a run for their money.

gigi hadidAre those leggings paired with a fur circle scarf? Gigi, you did it again.

gigi hadidThis is what fashion looks like when you get to take cars everywhere. What snow?

gigi hadidDude, just be cool.

gigi hadidBe right back, buying a match coat and trousers set.

gigi hadidWe’re going to let this one speak for itself.

gigi hadid

A denim coat? Now that’s something we haven’t tried yet.

gigi hadidLike a porcelain vase, Gigi stands tall in her boots.

gigi hadid

There’s something magical about this dress and we can’t quite put our fingers on it. Hell, maybe all of it?

gigi hadid

Cool. Calm. Collected. It’s the Gigi way.

gigi hadid

The Balmain hair (and lewk) that shook the internet.

gigi hadidDo you even cape, bro?

gigi hadidThat coat must make getting dressed in the morning that much easier.

gigi hadidWe’re getting step-sister of the bride vibes here, and we’re not mad at it.

gigi hadid

Now this is how you dress up ripped jeans (and exit a Chanel couture show, no less).

gigi hadidIntroducing: the carpet coat, for temperatures too chilly for any old blanket.

gigi hadid

The ’70s are back — and in a very big (and crocheted) way.

gigi hadid

Give us a halter top and feathers, and we’re in.

gigi hadid

This coat brings new meaning (and gravity) to “off-the-shoulder.”

gigi hadidIt’s too bad this Charlotte Simone cap is sold out. We bet Minnie Mouse would have wanted one.

gigi hadid

Can you feel the swag?

gigi hadidLadies and gentleman, this is what doin’ the damn thing looks like.

gigi hadid

Yellow envy.

gigi hadid

The Balmain, the Sporty Spice ponytail, the track pants…what’s not to love?

gigi hadid

Finally, a naked dress that’s more of an illusion than the rest of the lot.

gigi hadidGot a one-piece? Just throw a robe around it.

gigi hadid

Denim on denim has never looked easier.

gigi hadid

#Hadid for life.

gigi hadidDouble-sided tape not included.

gigi hadidAaaaaand boom.