Eat More to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy, Study

The secrets to losing weight and stay healthy. (Photo : Wikimedia Commons/ Benson Kua)

Let’s just take time off from all the New Year’s resolution of losing weight, because the plan probably does not include anything that has to do with eating. While making a diet, any person would want to cut down on most of the foods from the fattening food group, because they are expected to contribute to the action of weight gain. This is absolutely a wrong way of dealing with weight loss.

As per Harvard Health Publication,the most important thing about weight loss is to have an equitable amount fat, distributed across the body. This would require one to have food from all the food groups to make sure that the body is being provided with all sorts of nutrition. The food that is to be consumed should be taken in restricted amount.

Dr. Conrad Earnest, who is the lead co-author of the studies, as well as the researcher at the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab at Texas A&M University, has a different take on weight loss. According to him, one should be concerned about a healthy diet, along with a good exercise routine. This will promise anybody to have a great body in no time, and it will also help one to keep their weight loss on track, reported Mail Online.

Now, without proper exercise or diet, one is likely to lose weight. It is quite possible, that one might hit plateau of losing weight, because of malnutrition of their body. If the diet is almost right and the exercise is done on an irregular basis, chances are that one might have loose muscles. This will only take the weight loss program into an adverse direction, which might cause long term damage to the body.

Thus, it is not desired by anybody to go through such a disastrous health program. Make sure that all the food from each of the food group is being consumed in the right amount and that the exercise is of the right kind, which involves cardio, toning exercises and exercises which will help with the problem areas.