Toddlers as young as 18-months-old are being treated like experimental rats, drugged up with some of the most brain-damaging, life-altering psychotic pills. These are the kinds of pills that cause wild delusions, aggressive impulses, erratic behavior, or in some cases, cause violent and suicidal thoughts. Why do parents, doctors, psychologists and neurologists continue to disregard these appalling side effects?

Take the example of 5-month-old Andrew Rios, a newborn who began having seizures (which is a common side effect of vaccines by the way). When Andrew turned 18 months, a neurologist put the toddler on an epilepsy drug called felbamate, which immediately evoked violent behavior in the young child. As the young boy’s life was being ripped apart by the medical system, a neurologist intervened again to prescribe Risperdal, an experimental drug used on adults diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The drug caused the young boy to experience violent and delusional fits of insomnia. He often jolted awake in his sleep screaming, while .

‘Everything became worse’

“Everything became worse,” the boy’s mother said, as the toddler’s strange behaviors persisted for the four months he was on the drugs. But “It was just ‘Take this, no big deal,’ like they were Tic Tacs,” said Genesis Rios, “He was just a baby.” [Emphasis added]

This is the nightmare that is occurring for millions of kids now living in the US, as they suffer at the hands of a hasty, insane medical system built on the principle of pill pushing. The psych meds being pumped out by these pharmaceutical companies are the most powerful force exacerbating mental health problems in the world, and they are actually causing a mental health crisis in the U.S., by detaching helpless children from reality, forcing their brains to adapt to chemically induced changes that are unstudied and obviously destructive (in the short and long term). These pills are literally changing the structure and chemical makeup of children’s brains, at a time when they are most fragile and developing. These pills are being thrust on children who are at the mercy of their parents and under the control of doctors. These pills, which cause psychologically dependent side effects, were never ever needed in the first place. How did these chemical concoctions get accepted as “medicine” in our time?

According to the IMS Health Vector One National database for the year 2013, millions of children under five are being forced onto these , forever changing the chemistry of their minds and bodies in ways medical professionals do not understand. The only thing medical professionals do understand, is how to keep throwing new pills at the problem that pills created in the first place. The cycle is so abusive, so vicious. …;

These scenarios are now common. The IMS Health database reports that psychotic drugs like Risperdal and Seroquel were prescribed to nearly 20,000 children under the age of two. The rates are accelerating, too. In fact, the rate at which these drugs are prescribed in has jumped over 50 percent in just one year! Experts say these drugs are being used to alleviate temper tantrums, or to try and reverse inhibited, nonverbal or lethargic behavior.

“I think you simply cannot make anything close to a diagnosis of these types of disorders in children of that age,” said Dr. Ed Tronick, a professor of developmental and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts Boston. “There’s this very narrow range of what people think the prototype should look like. Deviations from that lead them to seek out interventions like these. I think it’s just nuts.”

IMS Health reports that 274,804 American infants under one year of age are being put on psychotic drugs like Prozac and Zoloft! For all toddlers less than five years old, over 1 million and counting are now on these brain-damaging drugs. In total, 8,389,034 kids 17 and under are on these psychiatric drugs, and the rates are accelerating. …;

As developing brains are being changed and molded in ways not yet understood, and as the violent side effects of the drugs take their place in American culture, what kind of future awaits every single one of these children?

When will we take this situation more seriously, and finally see that are taking place? Why do we allow Big Pharma to victimize our children in the most barbaric mind-altering ways? As the pressure mounts, and children are left detached from reality, struggling with the effects of multiple pills, one has to wonder, “Is Big Pharma building an army of mass shooters?”

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