Like shattered-glass nails before them, the marble manicure is the next Instagram nail trend to take over the app.

Marble, or granite nails, tend to stay in the white and gray realm — kind of like the slabs you see on the counters of iconic bathrooms and the floors of museums — and offer the person who isn’t that into nail art an option that’s chic, adult, and put together.

There are a few ways you can create this trend at home. Polish the nails with an opaque white or even a shade with a cut of gray in it. For the first technique, crinkle a small amount of plastic wrap in your fingers, then dip it into a light gray and press onto the nail in varying patterns. Do the same with a deep gray. You can also utilize a foam makeup applicator or even try cutting a triangle sponge into smaller pieces and press those onto the nail with tweezers. The last option requires a steady hand, though: use a nail art brush to paint on the cracks yourself. Just be sure you thin out the black polish with acetone to get the “cracked” effect.

marble manicure