lip palette

Do you have a massive lipstick collection that is slowly taking over? Try melting down your must-have shades into a convenient and travel-friendly lip palette like this one!

It’s the perfect tool for makeup artists and beauty lovers alike—and it’s really quite simple to create. Plus, having all of your lip colors in one spot helps to inspire you to rotate through them more often.

Try mixing up colors and textures so you have a variety of nudes, reds, pinks and brights in matte, cream and pearl textures!

lip palette   Step 1: Gather Your Tools

  • You will need…
  • 1. An empty palette: I used an empty ($8) with two ($2 each).
    2. A tea light
    3. Paper towels (LOTS of paper towels)
    4. Cotton swabs
    5. Rubbing alcohol
    6. A palette knife (or something to cut lipsticks)
    7. A deep spoon or metal bowl: I used a ($6).
    8. Lipsticks: I used 48 ($7.50 each), divided by collection.lip palette

    Step 2: Sanitize Your Palette

    Use a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol to spray the wells of the palette. Let it dry and evaporate (avoid rubbing it to dry).

    lip palette

    Step 3: Clean Your Tools

    Use rubbing alcohol to clean your palette knife and melting spoon. Make sure to clean your tools between each lipstick, too!

    lip palette

    Step 4: Cut Your Lipstick

    Use a palette knife to cut off a piece of the lipstick. You may want to try a few practice fills to get an idea of how much you need to cut off. I found that different textures required a different amount of lipstick—but most of them were between half to 3/4 of a bullet. It also depends on the size of your palette wells. I recommend under-filling rather than over-filling, as it can spill over and ruin your other lipstick wells.

    lip palette

    Step 5: Melt Lipstick Over a Candle

    Hold the spoon over the candle (not too close—you don’t want to burn the lipstick) and stir with the palette knife to melt the lipstick. Make sure it is entirely melted before you pour it.

    lip palette

    Step 6: Pour Lipstick Into Palette

    Quickly but carefully, pour the lipstick into the well. After lots of trial and error, I found a “quick and confident pour” to yield the prettiest wells. Going slow or pouring multiple times into a single well will still work, but it might look a little lumpy. The lipstick will harden very fast, so work quickly!

    lip palette

    Step 7: Repeat For All Lipsticks

    Keep going through all your lipsticks doing the same thing. If you make a mistake or you want to re-do a well, simply scrape out the lipstick and clean the well with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. Keep in mind re-melting a lipstick too many times can change the consistency.

    lip palette

    …Almost Finished!

    I found Matte lipsticks were the most difficult to melt and pour as they stayed pretty thick. The bright colors melted the easiest and poured effortlessly! Keep this in mind and go for the easy ones first to get a hang of the process.

    lip palette

    Step 8: Admire Your Creation

    Once you’ve poured all of your lipsticks, let them sit for a few hours to harden and set completely before moving the palette (I left mine out overnight).

    lip palette

    Shade Legend

    Column 1: “The Buffs”
    Column 2: “Creamy Mattes”
    Column 3: Permanent Browns & Reds
    Column 4: Permanent Mauves & LE “Rebel Blooms”
    Column 5: “Rebel Blooms”
    Column 6: “Vivids”

    Note: I found the lipsticks look much deeper than they really are in the palette. They still apply true-to-color, but it’s just something to keep in mind!