The laurel leaf is famous and also favorite spice for many people. It can be found in almost every kitchen in the United States. But many people don’t know that the leaves of this Mediterranean tree can be useful for treating some health issues, besides for preparing food.

These leaves can be used for making healing oil, which is beneficial for our health. In this article you will read more about the characteristics of this oil and the method of its application.

Laurel leaf health benefits:

  • It diminishes pain
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Enhances an stimulates the process of perspiration
  • It firms the immune system
  • Triggers the overall mental activity

Because of the fact that it is well manifested in the treatment of varicose veins and sore joints, we will present some instructions for its use and how to treat these diseases.

Ingredients required:

  • 30 grams of laurel leaves
  • 250 grams of olive oil

Method of preparation:

Crumple the laurel leaves and add the olive oil. Pour the resulting mixture in a glass bottle and close it well. Put the bottle in some dark and cool area for 2 weeks.

Don’t forget to shake the mixture from time to time. When the 14 days are passed, you should strain the oil through gauze and store the oil in another bottle. You should hold this oil in some cold area.

Way of use:

If required, you can preheat the oil slightly on vapor. Apply the oil on the sore joints by scrubbing it. Don’t forget to warm the sick joints.

The laurel oil can be useful in the treatment of inflamed lymph ulcers, migraine, treatment of otolaryngology ailments, especially ear diseases. If you experience serious headache, it is highly recommended to apply the oil onto the temples. You will notice that the pain will be gone very soon.

Laurel oil can substitute the aspirin since it is very effective in reducing the increased body temperature. It diminishes the pain in the stomach and intestines, regulates the function of the liver and kidneys and improves appetite.

You can use this oil for preventive as well. It is able to make you more resistant to infections by strengthening your immune system.

Use laurel leaves for making lotion which will help you to overcome issues with your skin on the face. You will solve your problem with acne and blackheads easily with this lotion.