Trying to sleep can sometimes be difficult and unsuccessful because of stress. Just when you go to bed all kinds of thoughts come to your mind, and thats when the stress is doing its own and brings insomnia. Try to calm down with this balm which you can make at home and then apply on some parts of the body or just keep it by your bed and let the smell do its work.Calming Salve That Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster


  • One cup of coconut oil
  • one cup olive oil
  • one teaspoon beeswax
  • Essential oils of lavender, cedar, orange, cinnamon and thyme


Mix together the coconut and olive oil, then add them and wax the mixture and place on low heat or in microwave for everything to melt good. In another bowl mix all essential oils. It is best to put 50 drops of each. Then mix the first mixture and blend of essential oils, put them in a bowl or more small vessels according to your choice and let it cool to room temperature. The salve is ready and then you can put it by the bed to spread its fragrance or apply it on the body.