No I have NOT left YouTube. I just happen to have a full-time job in the retail industry and it’s the fourth quarter aka Hell on Earth. πŸ™‚
There will be more videos, more vlogs, just cut me some slack please thank you kindly alrighty then Bob’s Your Uncle Please Hold Caller.

Massive thanks to the brilliant team at Pixi:
Amanda, whose professionalism, dedication to her work and knowledge of her craft continue to inspire me every single day.
Ffiona, THE loveliest person who makes everyone feel so at ease and can execute a detailed plan with her eyes closed and no wifi connection.
Emera, Syd, Jen, Amy and Catherine who take care of M&S stores so brilliantly and Holly and Johannes who held the fort and took many an anguished travel phone call back at the ranch. #teamawesome

More thanks to M&S for making us feel so welcome in your stores. Impossible to single anyone out – your Head Office and Store teams are brilliant.

And finally, even bigger thanks to all of you that took time out of your days to come and see us. It was our absolute pleasure.

The Roadshow will return in 2017.

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Ruth’s CEW Award Win!:

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