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A Travel-Sized Moisturizer

I’ve already waxed poetic about my need to double up on hydration during the winter season. In theory, it seems easy, but when you’ve got 30 minutes between the end of class and the start of a work day to get dressed, one has to go. So, I said goodbye to my lotion and hello to a travel-sized body oil instead. Oils don’t require minutes of rubbing in and absorb more easily into damp skin. This one in particular also didn’t leave behind a greasy film and because it wasn’t too fragrant, I didn’t have to worry about it clashing with my perfume. The price didn’t hurt, either.

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STYLECASTER | Hot Yoga Beauty Products | HUM Nutrition Uber Energy

Working out everyday for at least an hour for one month is as exhausting as it sounds. Although I would have loved to get eight hours of sleep every night, the cold, hard truth is I didn’t because, life. So when you’re not a coffee drinker, what’s the alternative? Supplements rich in energy-boosting vitamins are not only a time-saver; they also feed your body the nutrients it needs anyway. This one is packed with a slew of natural ingredients that made my sluggish mornings a little more bearable.

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STYLECASTER | Hot Yoga Beauty Products | Lash Star Mascara

I went into the 30-day challenge knowing I wouldn’t have time to apply a full face of makeup everyday. And since I knew sweating in the hot room would do wonders for my skin, it became less about coverage and more about simply looking awake. With that being said, I wanted long lashes that would distract from my under eye circles. This one did just that.

Photo: Lash Star

STYLECASTER | Hot Yoga Beauty Products | MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect

When you don’t have time to put on makeup, but still want to be selfie-ready, a vitamin C serum will take you from sweaty to dewy after a couple uses. Vitamin C is one of those “do it all” nutrients that’s clinically proven to even out skin tone, brighten and diminish dark spots. In short: this is how all of the experts get their “lit from within” glow.

Photo: MZ Skin

STYLECASTER | Hot Yoga Beauty Products | Savor Beauty Oil Cleanser

Although I love the convenience of makeup wipes, they can feel pretty harsh when you’re rubbing them against your face in a hurry. And if you’re someone who wears a lot of makeup everyday, you usually end up using more than one and eventually, running out earlier than you anticipated. In the midst of transitioning to a K-beauty routine, I fell in love with an oil-based makeup remover. Besides the fact that it removed my foundation in one swipe, it also doubled as a moisturizer when I didn’t have time to double cleanse after class.

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STYLECASTER | Hot Yoga Beauty Products | Sweat Cosmetics Foundation

A Sweat-Resistant Cover-Up

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STYLECASTER | Hot Yoga Beauty Products | Taliah Waajid Leave-In

Photo: Taliah Waajid