Since turning from acting to directing, Bonnie Wright has made a number of other significant changes in her life – namely, moving from her hometown of London to Los Angeles. She notes that while the move wasn’t motivated by her career change, it has helped. After living in London and New York, where the energy is higher and “you’d think that would translate to getting work done”, she finds that she actually gets more done in LA, due to the increase in what she calls “mental space”.

Aside from her creative life, the move to LA has changed her typical beauty routines, which is what she sat down to discuss with Gloss earlier this month. When it comes to skincare, a lot of her decisions are motivated by protection and a fight against the dry skin that often comes with the constant sun exposure found in California.

Bonnie’s morning facial routine is more involved than the everyday person’s, but with good reason. She says that she appreciates the ritual that goes into beauty, and finds self-care rituals grounding. Additionally, she makes sure she uses more natural and organic products, and is conscious of where they come from. In the morning, she washes her face with a Rose and Camellia Cleanser from Pai, sprays with a Marie Veronique Treatment mist that gives her skin healthy moisture, and uses a few serums from a collaboration line between Kristina Holey and Marie Veronique. At night, she switches to a Marie Veronique Intensive Repair, which brings down the natural redness in her skin and corrects everyday wear and tear. Marie Veronique also has a tinted sunscreen that Bonnie loves. “I’ve always been protective with the sun,” she says, “but since I’ve been in California, it’s even more important.”

When it comes to applying makeup, Bonnie has been all too familiar with the process since she was 9 years old, and working on Harry Potter. Even though she was a tomboy as a kid, and didn’t want to wear makeup until she was older, she was wearing it daily for work from a very young age. Luckily, her skin didn’t experience any damage from product misuse.

All the makeup artists on the Harry Potter films were lovely and made sure our skin was nourished before we got slapped around with makeup.

Because her skin can sometimes get red, she finds that many foundation and cover up products can be too pale or yellow. She has found that the products that work best for her skin tone are the Marie Veronique tinted sunscreen and RMS Un Cover Up. For cheek pigment, she uses Glossier Cloud Paint. Although there aren’t too many brow products made for redheads, Bonnie has found two that do the trick – the Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil in Auburn and Glossier Boy Brow in clear.

A proud redhead, Bonnie still sports her natural shade but often at her salon of choice, Julien Farel, she has a process done to brighten the color. She also uses their brand of shampoo and conditioner. “My hair is super thick, it puffs out. I never use any heat on it,” Bonnie admits. Because of this, she tends to stay away from things like flat irons and hair dryers. Conditioning is the key to managing thick and poofy hair, so products like Shu Uemura hair oil and Bumble and bumble surf spray can be a lifesaver.

It seems like a lot to maintain, but healthy hair, skin care, and makeup routines can be refreshing and relaxing, especially with a life as full of travel and work as Bonnie’s is. All we can say is that it’s definitely working – Bonnie looks absolutely beautiful! Who else is ready to go out and make some changes to their beauty routine?

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