1. The Prince’s eye make up is pretty bold. Wonder if I can pull off blue shadow and a white winged liner?

2. This could be the most diverse cast in Disney history. Bravo, guys. Nicely done.

3. OK, we get that the Prince isn’t very nice, but does the witch have to punish everyone that lives in the castle too? Bit harsh.


4. Wow, Emma Watson can SING.

5. Blimey, so can Luke Evans.

6. This is full on music theatre vibes and we love it.

7. No, Le Fou, Gaston is never going to love you, he’ll only ever love himself.

8. Why have we never wondered about where Belle’s mum is before?

9. Oh wow, this is getting scary now.

10. But those wolves aren’t as realistic as the ones on Game Of Thrones.

11. Ewan McGreggor playing a candlestick in the role of a lifetime.


12. Is it OK to think the Beast is hot? He is mean though.

13. So how far away is this magical castle? How did Belle get there so quickly?

14. OK, now the real fun is going to start. Bring on the singing objects.

15. Aww, smitten Beast is pretty cute.

16. Hang on, this bit wasn’t in the cartoon.

17. Oh, so THAT’S what happened to Belle’s mum. Kind of think we were better off not knowing.

18. So, are they in love yet?

Courtesy Walt Disney Pictures

19. OK Luke Evans, you are hot and you can sing, but we still don’t like you.

20. ‘It’s hero time’ is going to be a great meme.

21. If you loved the ballroom scene in the cartoon, this is like a million times more beautiful.

22. Are they in love yet?

23. Oh man, this doesn’t look good.

24. There are some serious continuity problems about how far away the castle is. Or maybe that’s why it’s magical.

25. This is a real rollercoaster of emotions. We’re not sure how much more we can take.

26. It’s worth saying, this film really is gorgeous to look at. Probably the best of all the Disney remakes, sorry Jungle Book.

27. OMG, I’m crying. But not at the ending, but because it’s ended. What a triumph.