Astro-Beauty; Hats

The Mercury Retrograde before last, I was looking at some old photos that Not-The-Typical-Virgo had somehow retrieved from one of her secret stores of clutter.

And it was like looking at postcards from another dimension.

Why were we so skinny & pale?

Who was the drippy looking guy she was clinging to like a parasite vine?

What kind of slacker life did we lead that we were depicted working our way through endless vino at a well-known player-haunt overlooking Bondi beach and on a weekday? Who were we?

And why was I wearing a stupid hat?

“You wore hats that whole year, ” retorted Not-The-Typical-Virgo “and they weren’t that stupid. It was just your thing.”

Then we got onto the drippy guy she was vamping off like he incarnation of young Adonis himself. But i had totally repressed ever being a hat person.

I admire those who are devout hat peeps although sometimes my Mars-in-Virgo freaks up and decides that wearing hats without practical purpose is, in fact, neurotic. An Aries Ex of mine had a whole body of theory based around women who wear hats that are not for the cold (only skiiing is really officially ‘cold’ to an Aries) or the hot (desert style temperatures) and the races but only if you competing in fillies on the track or whatever it’s called.

I need data. Which signs are hat mad???  Who’d go and blow $$$ on a milliner? Which sign would be confused as to what a milliner actually was? Which sign hoardes hats they never wear but as sort of a strange symbol of the woman they might – one day – become? Which sign wears berets?!  Flamboyant broad-brimmed hats with feathers??  I remember when i was a child going to the department store with my grandmother and there were loads of hats, a whole section, right beside stockings. So is it retro-homage to, like, the 1950s to wear hats???  And why DID they wear them then?

Angelina Jolie – Gemini with Moon/Pluto conjunct in Libra f.y.i. –  gives good hat.

A la Boy George, aged 13. Splash News.

Angelina Jolie in cloche hatFilming Changeling

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