White spots on fingernails are not as uncommon as we think and as my granny told me that every lie you say is presented by a white spot on a nail.1

Anyway thats an old believe but todays advanced medicine relies on backed up facts and throws my grannys saying in the bin. In fact modern medicine says that white spots on the fingernails are caused by a condition called leukonychia. Sounds pretty scary but its not as it seems.

Many claim that it happens due to lack of calcium or zinc. Both are untrue and as in matter in fact they occur because of mild trauma to the fingernail and in some cases due to some infection or allergy.

Dont be surprised but they can also occur if some medications are taken. If you feel any kind of pain regarding the white spots you should definitely visit the doctor.

Mainly they are harmless but can be a sing for something like anemia, cirrhosis, kidney disease, and diabetes. So if you notice any of these please see your doctor. Honestly if you have any concerns at all, visiting the doctor is the best for you.