No one wants to be an unhealthy, obese and stressed out millionaire.

Good health is just as important as good finances. Plus, you won’t be able to think as clearly and perform at your best when you build your business if you’re not in physical and mental shape.

There are three components to good health: mental health, physical health and emotional/spiritual health.

In this video, filmed at the in the Dominican Republic, Tom Beal talks about how to work on all three to become a more successful entrepreneur.


When we talk about health, we usually start thinking about physical health.

But having a lot of money with a lot of mental distress is just as bad as having money and being physically unhealthy, or having a lot of money but suffering from bad relationships.

We all know of friends and family who deal with mental health issues, even if they’re not of the more serious variety.

Perhaps they’re easily stressed or always anxious. Maybe they’re not fully present when talking to you, and they are thinking about other things or looking at their phone.


Not only is good health a reward in itself, but it also becomes a pre-requisite for good business success. This is especially true as you build up your company to bigger numbers, more staff and more customers.

Being fit and healthy affects the way you think. There’s a lot of pressure and responsibility when you’re the CEO of a company, and you must stay sharp. Wrong decisions can cost you a lot of money.

If you’re not a health “freak,” the pressure can be intimidating. But taking small steps to improve your health is better than doing nothing at all.

If you can’t work out 7 days a week, then aim for 5 or 6. Just going for a run outside and taking regular breaks from your computer is better than nothing at all. If you don’t have the time to prepare healthy food, invest in a NutriBullet or get healthy meals delivered.

Being a health “freak” isn’t for everyone, but you don’t need a degree in health science to take simple and common-sense improvements to your daily routine.

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