Who does not what their feet and toes nice and silky soft? Its something every woman wants and desires as an essential part of her feminine overall appearance. Well here is a tip of how to clean your toes with baking soda.2

Everyone knows that hard, dry and cracked heels can create awkward and uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, ordinary baking soda has an antiseptic effect reducing water hardness and has a soothing effect on the heel skin.

It is very low-cost, found in every store and remarkably effective. Going to beauty salons can be put aside, simply by using it appropriately you can achieve the effect of smooth and delicate feet.

Now that attractive appearance of your feet lies in the following simple recipe to soften the rough skin on the heels.

The recipe is very simple requiring 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 4-5 liters of water.

Heat up the water and put the baking soda in it stirring it until it dissolves. Afterward soak your feet in the mix for 15-20 minutes.

Later on rub your feet with a toe stone. Put any sort of nutritious cream, homemade or Vaseline (on the off chance that you have excessively split heels) on them, then put on cotton socks and spend the night in them. It is not necessarily to spend the whole night in the socks, relax and take off them if you start to feel uncomfortable.

The effect are noticeable even after the first time of using this method.

Repeat this procedure on a daily basis for 5-7 days and then make a 7-day break, and start over. Then again, make a pause of 7 days and repeat it once more. Overall repeat is 3 treatments in total.

Take your time to complete the 3 treatments and you will have the desired effect nice and delicate feet.

Adding one tablespoon of salt and a small quantity of liquid soap in the mix, will definitely help you remove the dirt absorbed in the heels. Feel free to enrich the bath with a chamomile.