Is breakfast really vital for our body?

The best and short answer is Yes, but only if you have healthy breakfast recipes and right foods. Eating breakfast is essential for a healthy body and mind. First meal of the day provides fuel and energy to the body it needs to stay charged for the whole day. Healthy, simple and quick breakfast recipes are going to provide the healthy impact on your body and mind.

Make sure you have the healthy breakfast recipes filled with a fair mix of fiber, protein and calcium. Skipping breakfast means hurting your body and compromising on your health. A breakfast loaded with Parathas, butter, egg, pancake etc. is rich on palate is simply stacked with calories. In the recent years people have become aware of the significance of having healthy food in their diet plan. Now you have healthy breakfast options and quick breakfast recipes ranging from whole wheat bread, oats to salads to add to your plate. We have chalked out sensational and easy breakfast recipes that will guarantee you a balance of nutrition with healthy Indian flavors. These recipes are easy to prepare and quick to serve.

Some quick and easy Indian breakfast recipes:

  1. Oats Idli: Experience the goodness of feather-light and nutritious idlis made of oats. Get ready to lighten up the boring mornings of having whole wheat bread with butter. These idlis are low on carbs and ideal for those who are calorie conscious.
  2. Poha: Poha is a Maharashtrian recipe that can also be eaten as a light snack in evenings. This is one of the healthy breakfast recipes which are very high on nutrients and you can alter it according to your spice meter.
  3. Moong Dal Cheela: These are the most nutritious Indian pancakes. Whip up a batter full of moong dal, veggies and paneer inside. To prepare it, you have to soak moong dal overnight and then grind it into a smooth batter. Spread it on tawa with a little oil and cook it.
  4. Rawa Upma: Suji Upma cooked with spices, lentils and fresh veggies make it an impeccable morning meal. This south Indian breakfast delight should be drizzled with fresh lime juice and serve it with coconut chutney.
  5. Namkeen Seviyaan: Delight your morning with the versatile vermicelli filled with healthy veggies. This is one of the amazing and simple breakfast recipes cooked with some Indian desi flavors.
  6. Egg salad without Mayo: If you are into healthy eating, try out one of the quick and easy egg recipes for breakfast loaded with lots of veggies without using Mayo. This recipe involves no cooking except boiling eggs. Use your favorite veggies like onions, carrots and cabbage.
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