Lots of folks are skeptical about essential oils until they start using them then they cant stop raving about them. Check out for this awesome list of 50 Amazing uses for Lavender. Personally, #28 is my favorite.

Lavender could be perhaps one of the most versatile herbs and essential oils in the world, and the therapeutic uses for its pure essential oil are seemingly endless. The amazing, organic Lavender plant comes in 39 different species, though only 1 is considered to be the official Lavender use for therapeutic-grade Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia formerly called Lavandula Officinalis). The origins of the name are somewhat debated, but many sources report the word lavender coming from the Latin root lavare, meaning to wash. And though all of its uses are not new to mankind, we continue to discover new ways in which it is both beneficial to human health and therapeutic.

50 Amazing uses for Lavender Oil:

1- Skin irritations: Therapeutic-grade Lavender oil has been excellent in soothing and healing minor skin irritations. As long as the skin is not broken or raw, Lavender can be used to bring healing and soothing comfort to minor skin irritations.

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