We better do not talk about how hard it is sometimes to make you exercise. Because of our health, we do the exercises, and the feeling is very good after the exercise …1

But we often lack will and strength. In particular, if we have to go somewhere to practice it is even tougher. Also we need time for this. And therefore, the exercises are being delayed and delayed.

The benefits of these exercises, will make you love them. You can practice in this way at any time, in any wardrobe: they are too easy and do not require additional equipment.

Excellent opportunity for this is the lunch break at work. This is a fantasy for many women.

These are 5 simple, but very effective exercises:

1. Sumo

Relax your shoulders and stand straight. Then you can easy make a half- squat position, resisting the hands on the knees. Stay in this position for 15 sec. About ten times will be enough.


2. Buddha

Put your palms together and do shallow squats. Then you can feel the tension in the arms and back. The exercise improves straight posture. Also you must control the position of the back and be sure you do not throw your head down. You could repeat this ten times.


3. Horse

Crouch and place the legs as wide as you can, also stretch and spread out your hands. After that you can go back to the original position. Repeat this ten times.


4. Ballet

A proper place for this exercise is the back of the chair, which will suit perfectly. The position from the previous exercise is great for this. Now, hold on to the chair and straightening up your body, also throw the legs to one side. The muscles of the inner thighs will work and you should feel it. If you work these very simple movements often, these zones will no longer be a problem.


5. Wire

Lean back on the chair, and straighten your body. Then stand up on your toes. A minute is enough to hold in this position.


If you are not lazy, these simple exercises will fastly transform your figure.

These kind of exercises were made for women who do not spare enough time for sports and are always in a hurry.

You can get closer to the beauty and health at any place with these very simple exercises. It is worth a try!