Early stroke can occur at any age. In this article you will learn which five signs can indicate that something is wrong and they mustnt be ignored.1

Many people believe that the stroke is not an issue of which they should be aware before getting old. But is this completely true?

It is a fact that most of the strokes occur in people over 65, while 10% of the strokes occur in people younger than 45. It is also a fact that the women are more vulnerable from stroke than men. According to the American Heart Association every year more than 100.000 women younger than 65 will experience increased risk of stroke. This means that you or someone close to you could be affected in some point of their life- or sooner than you suspect.

There are several reasons why the women are prone to higher possibility of stroke than the opposite gender. Andrew Stemer, M.D., executive of the stroke program at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital claims that the bad habits including hypertension, increased cholesterol levels, smoking and diabetes are equally dangerous for both genders, while some variables are dangerous only for women. The pregnancy is one of those, especially after the sixth month. This is often caused by hormonal changes. So, while resting in the bed your blood stream becomes slower in the veins, which makes you more vulnerable to blood clots.

Using oral contraceptives also makes you more vulnerable to stroke. In addition, women who suffer headache with aura (when your migraine is followed by a neurological expression, for example, the shivers toward the edge of the eyes) are very vulnerable to stroke as well. All of these things are having negative effect which results with greater risk of stroke in women, explained Stemer.

  1. You Feel Weak or Numb on One Side of Your Body

Unexpected lose of energy or being unable to feel an extremity on one side of the body is usual symptom of stroke, particularly in the arm and leg. It is very possible that the one side of the face to droop.

  1. You have Trouble Speaking

This symptom could occur in several forms: The speech may be gabled or the patient could have problems to say the words. The patient could have difficulties to comprehend what other people are trying to say. Stemer explains that there is a spectrum of difficulty from mild to severe. We all had some moments when we cannot remember some word or have difficulties to say it in a moment, but the vast majority of people are aware of themselves or their own organism and are able to recognize this is transient or applies only to a particular word. I recommend that everyone who experiences speech difficulty, either gabled speech or being unable to speak- should look for medical attention at the same moment, notes Stemer. In fact, if you feel something unusual you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. You Suffer from Severe Headache

This symptom usually appears in hemorrhagic strokes, which occurs when, instead of a pipe getting obstructed, a pipe stimulates a leak which results with internal bleeding in the brain, Stemer says. Hemorrhagic strokes arent as common as ischemic strokes, accounting for 10-15% of all strokes-but they do lead to greater mortality rate.

  1. You Lose Some of Your Vision

Eyesight problems are also one-sided, just like the extremity weakness. In this case the patient loses the same area of vision in both eyes (for example, the both eyes are unable to see on the left). Stemer explains that the eyeball and the optic nerve are fine and the real reason for this is that the information cannot get in the right place in the brain because it is damaged.

  1. You Experience Sudden Onset on Any or All of These Symptoms

The most common symptom for stroke, unexpected start of these warning symptoms is the greatest detector that you need to go in the hospital as soon as possible. These symptoms manifest very fast and you mustnt wait for all of them to appear before going in the hospital.

If I experience any unexpected appearance of a new neurological sign that impacts one side of my body, then I will go in the hospital as soon as possible, states Stemer. It could be a migraine or something benign, but if you dont do go in the hospital, you will miss the chance to handle the stroke. If you notice something unusual, visit the hospital as soon as you can. You can only help yourself and this is the best possible option when it comes to facing this serious condition.