Can’t seem to get rid of that constant body ache even though you’ve been eating the healthiest of
foods and getting enough sleep and are doing everything right? You’re not alone. Millions of
people around the globe are facing bone and joint issues today, and if you’re looking for some
natural remedies to tackle those, here’s a little help.
Keep reading to discover the 5 best natural remedies to reduce bone and joint pain.

Epsom Salt Soak (DIY Recipe Here)
This one’s the classic natural remedies for joint and bone pain, and that’s because it works super
effectively. Epsom salts get absorbed into the skin very easily, and just adding a couple of cups of
it to a bath of water and soaking in it for 20 minutes can work wonders in providing you relief
from joint pain.

Exercise  and  Movement
Exercising may not exactly be on your mind when your joints are aching, but more often than
not, they are actually aching because they’re stiff due to lack of activity. Regular exercise can
actually help strengthen the muscles and bones by improving circulation. It just takes a lot of
effort to get out and exercise one time, but once you do it, there’s no coming back- that’s just
how amazingly effective it is.

Alternating Hot and  Cold Packs (DIY Pattern Here)
For immediate relief from joint pain, alternating hot and cold compresses can help. Placing a
hot compress for 20 minutes followed by a cold ice pack for 20 minutes can help provide instant
pain relief. If you can’t seem to stand how cold the ice is, you can let it thaw and apply a cool
pack as well- it’ll help relieve any joint stiffness.

Diet Modifications
One of the best ways to bring about long term changes to your bones and joints is to implement
certain dietary modifications. Most of the time, bone and joint pain occurs due to chronic
inflammation, which in turn, causes degeneration of tissues. Sticking to a diet rich in anti-
inflammatory foods can gradually help you start seeing a reduction in joint pain.

Herbal Teas
Sipping on herbal teas, specifically ginger and turmeric tea, can also help a lot when it comes to
reducing joint pain. Both of these are powerful anti-inflammatory agents that can help calm
down inflammation and reduce bone and joint pain in the most natural way possible.