Do you know the feeling when you sleep naked? Everybody must experience this once in their lifetime. Its not that simple to change your habits but If you get used to it, you will feel great comfort and it will also help improve your health.
These are 5 beneficial effects of sleeping naked.2

Improves your skin health
When you are sleeping naked, the skin is the one which feels more benefit. Then it breathes freely, because you sleep free from your clothes limitations. This is very useful for those who have problem with body acne. This is shown to be much more helpful than other treatments and medicines. Sleeping naked can improve the health of your skin.

Strengthens the relationship with your partner
If you are sleeping naked, then your bodies contact skin to skin, and then the oxytocin hormone release, which leads to a better impact on your relationship with your partner. Besides the benefits for your relationship, the release of oxytocin is also beneficial against depression and stress, along with reduction of blood pressure and intestinal inflammation. The hormone oxytocin is released only when there is skin to skin contact, so you wont reap any benefits of it, if you refuse to sleep naked.

Slows the aging process
Your body temperature is decreasing when sleeping naked, so the lower body temperatures allow the growth hormone to be released thus repairing your skin very efficiently. This process therefore slows the aging process and helps to prevent wrinkling. You wont feel any of these benefits, if you sleep with your clothes on, so go on, take your clothes off and go to sleep.

Increases your self-esteem
If you make the right decition to sleep naked, not only will make a subtle positive impact on your self-esteem but this will also make you will feel more comfortable with your body, and have a positive effect on your mental health. You will feel happier and you will improve your selfs confidence in your everyday life.

Helps prevent diseases like diabetes type 2
Sleeping naked in a room with cool temperature can help prevent some serious diseases, according to an article at the scientific journal Diabetes. You must admit that this is the most surprising benefit of sleeping naked, but on the other hand it is a fact scientifically proven by scientists which through their study found that a low body temperature during sleeping can lessen the risk of getting type 2Diabetes.
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