Weight loss is an extremely common New Year’s resolution. And, for many, it can become an impossible task full of difficult changes. It doesn’t have to turn into an Olympian effort; some small changes, often basic and easy to maintain, can get you on your way to your slimmer goal.

Counting calories and weighing what will end up on your hips can turn into an exhausting ordeal that makes meals unfun. Which then causes you to start skipping the calculations, and before you know it you’re backsliding toward another failed resolution. Simpler might be to just put the unhealthy foods out of sight, so they’ll be out of mind when it comes time to fill a plate. Stock your kitchen with good choices that remain in plain sight, so they’re what you get used to seeing, and are the easiest to reach for when you’re hungry.

Mental balance is key for any life change. Thinking the way to a thinner you might sound mystical, but it’s about setting yourself up to pursue a goal you’ve promised yourself. Connect the thoughts with social media as an added incentive; creating a food photo journal, even one only you review, can keep you mindful of what you’re eating.

Other hints involve eating slower, getting enough sleep, and looking for healthy foods that have bulk not calories. Filling up faster keeps you slimmer longer.

Key Points:

  • Taking pictures of the food you are eating may keep you from mindless snacking.
  • Slowing down your eating process by putting your fork down between bites helps you feel fuller quicker.
  • 7-9 hours of sleep per night may help control the amount of food you eat everyday.

keeping unhealthy snacks out of sight is the best way to ensure that they stay out of mind

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