Everyone try to get a better shape for the summer and the main focus is placed on the abs and having a ripped six pack. But many people will be satisfied only with a flat stomach. But if you have flabby arms, then it will completely ruin your efforts for achieving bikini-body.

So how do you tone and get them in shape?


If you have flabby arms, then you must know what’s at stake here. The flabby arms are caused because of extra fat accumulated in the upper arm and low muscle tone. You can solve this problem by burning fat, but keep in mind that you cannot target fat loss.

This means that you cannot concentrate on certain parts of the body where you will burn your fat. But you can focus on which muscles you will tone. By toning particular muscles you will determine the parts that will get stronger.

One of the best ways to reduce your flabby arms is to implement ‘general’ cardio exercises while doing some specific workouts to firm the muscles- especially the triceps (the area right underneath).



Push-ups are great exercise for firming both your pecs and your triceps and can also be good for the shoulders. But, many people cannot do push-ups and push-ups on the knees are not very much comfortable. If you are one of those people, you can do wall push-ups instead.

Face towards the wall with your hands placed on it. Lower yourself towards the wall and then push away easily with steady control.


The floor dip is also good exercise. Chair dips are implemented with the hands on a chair behind you.

Lift your butt off the floor and then lower yourself backwards by bending your arms. Lift your butt again and iterate.


This exercise affects the shoulders and tones your arm by focusing you to hold it straight. You will need to hold your arms out to your sides keeping them completely straight and then make circular motions in a clockwise direction and backwards in the other direction. Iterate until you feel a burning sensation. Take a rest and to it again.


This exercise affects the lats and firms the biceps. In order to implement this exercise without weights, hold onto a stable table top with your hands and bent your legs. Lean back by bending your legs, and then use your arms to lift yourself back towards the table. Iterate the same process.

If you cannot find any table top, then you can use a towel by wrapping it on something stable.