We all know that fast food is incredibly unhealthy, but what are some of the secrets from inside the industry that these chains dont want us to know? From interesting to disgusting and potentially deadly, check out these 25 things that the fast food corporations dont want you privy to.

25 Those grill marks on your burger arent real. They were put there by the factory.

24 If you want to make sure your french fries are fresh order them without salt. It will force them to cook a new batch. Then you can add your own salt.

23 Fast food chili is just made out of meat from old burgers.

22 Those salads youre ordering have nearly just as many calories as one Big Mac.

21 One way to measure the cleanliness of a fast food restaurant is to look up into the ice chute of the drink dispenser. Youll be surprised how often you can find mold up there.

20 Actually, nearly 50% of restaurant fountain drink dispensers have fecal bacteria on them.

19 Those pictures of fast food you see in advertisements are airbrushed and touched up with fiberglass. It takes two hours just to set up one hamburger.

18 In restaurant kitchens more people follow the 10 second rule than youd like to think.

17 Fast food restaurants throw away an incredible amount of food every night.

16 At some places, like Taco Bell, the food carries over. So guess what they serve you in the morning?

15 Even restaurants from the same chain can have vastly different standards and quality. It usually depends upon the management.

14 Fast food workers are supposed to wear gloves when they prepare food but most of the time nobody follows that rule.

13 If you look around the parking lot, dining area, or bathroom and see a lot of trash what do think the less visible places (like the kitchen) look like?

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