As much as you crave that lean, athletic body, working towards it might always seem like a challenge. And, if you already have it, maintaining it can seem like a herculean task. But, ultimately it is all about staying fit and healthy and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to workout in a gym 24×7 to achieve that! So, why not just do what you love, in order to stay fit in the coming new year? All you need to do is work on a few basic lifestyle habits, and you will definitely begin to notice some remarkable changes in your body and health. 

1. Start Playing A Sport And Get Regular With It 


Pick your favourite sport- be it cricket, badminton, tennis or even golf and play it like a pro during game time. The extensive activity helps you control body weight by reducing extra fat, and at the same time, increasing your stamina and concentration. Just find some buddies to join you, so that you stay motivated to continue the regime religiously.

2. Travel More Often (And Make It Adventurous)


Not like a tourist, but like a traveller. Take a break from your routine and structured life often (at least once a month), and travel away from the city towards greener and calmer terrain. Go for an early morning hike, try rock-climbing, river-crossing and other adventurous activities that you come across during the journey (for free). It not only strengthens your frame, but it rejuvenates your senses too.

3. Drink Like A Fish. Water, Not Alcohol 

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Increase your water consumption (more than the regular 8 glasses of water) so that it maintains the balance of body fluids, therefore keeping your bodily functions intact. If not water, you can consume fresh juices, milk or tea/coffee (moderately). But, alcohol is not the advised potion when you are thirsty. 

4. Start Experimenting In The Kitchen 


Who said men don’t/can’t cook? Bring out your inner Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, and try your hand at barbeques, salads, gravies and of course, don’t forget the Biryani too. The idea is to cut down on harmful preservatives and fast food that creates a nutritional imbalance in the body and to replace it with it freshly cooked nutritious food.

5. Ditch The Bike, And Walk Or Cycle When You Need To Travel Nearby


Of course, it’s eco-friendly for the planet, but it is pretty body-friendly too! Shake off the laziness, and make it a habit to walk or peddle down the road if you have to go around a 2-kilometre radius from your home. When you are bored, feel free to take a longer route as well. It’ll help if you have a fitness app or fitness tracker to monitor your steps. That way it will keep you motivated to do more.

Indeed, lifestyle changes are essential because lifestyle diseases are increasing rapidly, and it is important to take calculated steps to ensure our well being. And one essential step is to get specialized health insurance plans. Instead of opting for a general health insurance plan, it is better to take up plans relevant to diseases that are rapidly on the rise to secure our future. Problems related to the heart and cancer have been extremely prevalent and common in our country. More so, it helps keep a track of your family’s history regarding health issues. After all, there are specialized insurance plans available that are much cheaper than those general health insurance plans. For eg. The 10 lakh cancer plan costs only Rs. 61 per month, and the 5 lakh heart insurance plan costs Rs. 38 per month. Also, they have lump sum payouts on diagnosis, no affiliation with any particular hospitals, or any co-payment requirements; hence making it convenient. They are available for longer terms and some products even offer a waiver of premiums for the entire term. With the rising costs and health complexities, it is essential to consider specialized care against heart and cancer. Moreover, the younger you are, while investing in these plans, the lesser premium you will have to pay.

Make sure you make good decisions this New Year 2018! Why not start by calculating your premium here via this calculator:

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