There’s a pretty good chance that if you’re Latina, the women in your life taught you their best beauty tips and tricks. Whether it was applying Vicks on your lips for extra gloss, or using plants like Aloe and Agave for your skincare needs, the chicas in your life showed you a thing or two about cosmetics!

Here are 13 Latina beauty brands that we can’t get enough of! You’ll probably want to add a few of these products to your cart by the time you scroll to the bottom!

Bésame Cosmetics

This vintage beauty-inspired brand was created by Gabriela Hernandez, who is an artist, cosmetic historian, and all around boss babe! Next time you’re feeling like Zsa Zsa Gabor, or simply just want to add something glamorous to your vanity, pick up one of their gorgeous lipsticks or popular cake mascara!

Reina Rebelde

Founder Regina Merson’s cosmetic brand shows extreme passion and pride for the Latinx culture. With vivid, bright designs that are mixed with a little bit of edge, Reina Rebelde is truly the essence of what it means to be a strong, sassy, and bonita Latina.

Circa Beauty

We’ll use whatever Eva Mendes is using  because she is one radiant Latina! Her beauty brand is affordable, too! Circa Beauty exudes Hollywood glamour, but for a fraction of the cost. Might as well pick up the Ultrasuede Cream Blush($13), which was named Allure‘s best of beauty, the next time you’re at Walgreens!

Kat Von D Beauty

Tata Harper Skincare


Rae Ann Silva created one of the most important beauty tools known to the makeup industry! She seriously revolutionized the way we apply our foundation and contour our face. Her little pink sponge was just a simple idea in order for her make extra income, she told Racked. But now it has become a makeup staple!

Melt Cosmetics

Co-founder Lora Arellano is such a boss babe! Not only was she doing Rihanna’s makeup while the singer was on tour, but she started Melt Cosmetics with Dana Bomer! The cosmetics brand has such a cult following that products constantly sell out! Their makeup is eccentric, bold, and fun!

Nuance by Salma Hayek

This isn’t your basic beauty brand, but then again neither is Salma Hayek. Her cosmetic line Nuance is sold exclusively through CVS (hello, savings) and most of the products have natural ingredients in them that help nourish your skin. The best part about Nuance? It’s super affordable and the Long Lasting Eyeliner pencil ($9.99) just won People’s beauty award!


Texas native and co-founder Katia Beauchamp created Birchbox, one of the most popular makeup subscription boxes in the market! You can receive up to four or five samples of the best products, for $10 a month, and best of all? Your box is tailored to you, your skin, hair, and beauty interests.