Whether one is working in the fields, trekking in dense forests, or even playing in the bushy backyard of the house, we can all fall a prey to snake . Some snakes are life-threatening poisonous and others are harmless. Though immediate medical attention is required, home remedies can be applied for milder venoms or temporary relief. Medicinal plants and common items are often used as a folklore remedy to treat snake bites.

Let Us See The Various Natural Remedies To Treat Snake Bites

1. Activated Charcoal

This item should be kept handy in areas that are susceptible to snake bites. Damp activated charcoal should be applied on the affected area and be covered with a tape or cloth to secure the poultice. Also oral intake of 2 tsp damp activated charcoal gives quick relief. This method is effective for the first 24 hours so should be applied immediately after the snake has bitten.

2. Bentonite Clay

This clay effectively removes toxins from our body and ease the symptoms of the. Mix some echinacea powder with bentonite clay in some water to make a paste and apply over the wound. It is advised to drink ample water if we take this clay orally.

3. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are used for the treatments of various health issues and is used to add flavor to various culinary dishes. A porridge made of curry leaves helps in uprooting the poison and treating the snake bite.

4. Mongoose Plant

This plant acts as an antidote to a snake bite and is especially effective in treating the sting of the Russel’s viper. This herb can neutralize the venom of the viper and is usually found in the forests of southern India where the instance of snake bites are also high.

5. Echinacea Oil

This oil is said to boost immunity and protects the body from common ailments like cold and cough. It can be applied topically and also taken orally every 6 hours to help in treating the and neutralize the effect of the venom.

6. Icy Water

Taking a bath in icy cold water is said to reduce the effect of the snake venom. Add a tsp of arnica salve to a jug of water and apply this mix to the affected area by dipping a cotton cloth in the solution. Repeat after a few hours.

7. Oil Of Oregano

This oil acts as a stimulant and has powers to fight infections and kill microorganisms in the body. It can be applied topically to the snake bite which will help in disinfecting and drawing out the venom from the body.

8. Lavender Essential Oil

This oil is used to calm the senses and relieves stress. It speeds up recovery if applied to wounds and acts as a disinfectant that reduces the intensity of the venom till medical aid is administered.

9. Plantain Leaves

The leaves of this plant is very useful in treating various stomach problems. It looks like spinach and has an astringent flavor. A tincture of this leaf can be applied to a snake-bitten area which will help in drawing out the venom and lessening the pain associated with it.

10. Marigold

This flower contains flavonoids that are compounds with antioxidant properties. They protect the body cells from harmful chemicals, decrease irritation along the affected area and help in fast recovery.